Showcase Your Unique Event Identity with tktby's Customizable Event Pages

Customizable Event Pages

tktby understands the importance of standing out in today's competitive event landscape. Our Customizable Event Pages feature allows you to create a memorable and engaging online presence for your event, ensuring it resonates with your target audience and captures their attention.

  • Customizable Templates

    Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates that cater to different event types and styles. These templates serve as the foundation for your event page, ensuring a polished and visually appealing starting point for customization.

  • Rich Media Support

    Enhance the visual appeal of your event page by adding engaging multimedia elements, such as high-quality images, videos, and slideshows. This not only captures your audience's attention but also provides them with a glimpse of what they can expect at your event.

  • Social Media Integration

    Promote your event and encourage social sharing by integrating social media buttons directly onto your event page. This makes it easy for attendees to share your event with their networks, helping to increase visibility and attract more attendees.

  • Branding Options

    Incorporate your event's unique branding elements, such as logos, color schemes, and fonts, to create a cohesive and consistent visual identity across your event page. This not only reinforces your brand but also helps to establish a sense of familiarity and trust with your audience.

  • Flexible Layouts

    tktby's Customizable Event Pages offer a range of layout options, allowing you to organize your content in a way that best suits your event's specific needs. Choose from various content blocks, such as event details, schedules, speaker profiles, and more, to create an informative and user-friendly page.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

    Our event pages are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring they look and function seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. This guarantees an optimal browsing experience for your audience, no matter how they access your event page.

Personalized Event Recommendations

tktby's Personalized Event Recommendations feature provides users with a curated selection of events based on their interests and preferences, ensuring a customized and engaging experience.

  • Tailored Suggestions

    Leverage user data, such as browsing history and past event attendance, to recommend relevant and captivating events that resonate with their interests.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Delivering a customized experience helps build strong relationships with your audience, fostering loyalty and increasing the likelihood of repeat attendance.

  • Increased Engagement

    By offering personalized event suggestions, you enhance user engagement on your platform, encouraging attendees to discover and attend more events.

  • Cross-promotion Opportunities

    Utilize personalized recommendations to cross-promote your events, maximizing visibility and boosting ticket sales for multiple events simultaneously.

Flexible Pricing and Discounts

tktby's Flexible Pricing and Discounts feature allows you to create a variety of pricing options and promotional offers, catering to different audience segments and encouraging ticket sales.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Set up tiered pricing structures based on factors like ticket availability or time, encouraging early purchases and optimizing revenue.

  • Group Discounts

    Attract larger groups or corporate attendees by offering special pricing for bulk ticket purchases, increasing overall event attendance.

  • Early Bird Offers

    Reward early buyers with discounted rates, creating a sense of urgency and driving initial ticket sales.

  • Promo Codes

    Create custom promotional codes for targeted marketing campaigns, affiliate partners, or special guests, offering exclusive discounts to drive ticket sales.


At tktby, we believe that a seamless user experience is crucial to the success of any digital ticketing platform. That's why we've designed our system with a user-friendly interface that makes event management and ticket purchasing straightforward and enjoyable for both organizers and attendees.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    Our platform is designed to be easy-to-use and navigate, with clear menus, buttons, and labels that guide users through the ticket purchasing process and event management tasks. Users can quickly find the information they need and complete their actions with minimal clicks.

  • Step-by-step Event Creation

    For event organizers, our platform guides you through the event creation process with a simple step-by-step approach, making it easy to set up your event page, configure ticket types, and customize your event's appearance.

  • Accessible Customer Support

    Our user-friendly interface also extends to our customer support resources. We offer a comprehensive help center with detailed articles and FAQs, as well as responsive customer support through chat, email, and phone, ensuring that users always have access to the assistance they need.

  • Mobile-first Design

    Recognizing the growing importance of smartphones in our daily lives, tktby's interface is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience across all screen sizes. Attendees can purchase and manage their tickets on-the-go, while event organizers can monitor and update their events from anywhere, anytime.

  • Quick Ticket Purchasing

    Attendees can easily search for events, view event details, and purchase tickets through a streamlined and efficient process. With our integrated payment system, users can complete transactions securely and quickly, reducing the chances of abandoned carts and lost sales.

  • Visual Clarity and Consistency

    tktby's interface is designed with visual clarity in mind, utilizing a clean layout, easy-to-read fonts, and consistent visual elements to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional experience for users.

Eco-friendly Solution

tktby's digital ticketing platform offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper tickets, helping event organizers and attendees contribute to a greener future.

  • Reduced Paper Waste

    Eliminate the need for printing and distributing physical tickets, significantly reducing paper consumption and waste.

  • Sustainable Image

    Embracing an eco-friendly ticketing solution demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, enhancing your brand's image and attracting environmentally-conscious attendees.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

    By choosing a digital alternative, you reduce the environmental impact associated with ticket production, transportation, and disposal.

  • Cost Savings

    Going paperless not only benefits the environment but also leads to cost savings on printing, shipping, and handling of physical tickets.