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Welcome to tktby, a state-of-the-art digital ticketing platform designed to simplify and enhance your event management experience. Our robust solution offers a wide range of features to streamline ticket sales, improve audience engagement, and provide valuable insights for your event success.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Our intuitive, mobile-first platform makes it easy for customers to purchase and manage their tickets on-the-go, while event organizers can effortlessly create, monitor, and promote their events.

  • Customizable Event Pages

    Design your event page to match your brand identity with our customizable templates, colors, and logos, creating a consistent experience for your attendees.

  • Realtime Analytics & Reporting

    Stay informed with real-time data on ticket sales, attendance, and customer demographics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your event's success.

  • Flexible Pricing & Discounts

    Set up dynamic pricing, early bird offers, group discounts, and promotional codes to incentivize ticket purchases and boost sales.

  • Secure & Reliable

    tktby's advanced encryption technology and unique QR codes ensure maximum security, eliminating the risk of counterfeit tickets and fraud.

  • Social Media Integration

    Maximize your event's reach by sharing it across various social media platforms, driving awareness and attracting more attendees.

  • Personalized Event Recommendations

    Delight your customers with tailored event suggestions based on their interests and preferences, fostering loyalty and increasing repeat attendance.

  • Eco-Friendly solution

    Embrace sustainability by reducing paper waste and choosing a digital alternative that benefits both your business and the environment.

  • Customer Support

    Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for both you and your attendees.

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Our mobile event apps open up new ways to engage attendees and encourage networking before, during, and even after the event so you can build a thriving online community.

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tktby was built on a foundation of simplicity, DIY, and customization. We listen to our customers and constantly give them new features they need to build and scale. The result? A robust event management platform designed for event profs, by event profs, and constantly evolving at the request of event profs.

Find out what tktby can do for you, whether you’re a big or small company, or anything in-between. And discover why tktby has been growing, year after year, since its inception.